lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

My favorite player

My favorite player is Lionel Messi player of F.c. Barcelona, since I like his style of special game.

Biography of Lionel Messi

Lionel Andres Messi
Born in Rosario, Argentina in 1987
Teen soccer star for FC Barcelona.
Soccer player.

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Unit 14 Did you have a good weekend

In this lesson we studied vocabulary related regular simple past verbs.

¿Did you have a good weekend?
Ni, I didn´t. I have a boring weekend.
¿What did you do?
I studied on sunday morning. In the afternoon I watched TV and Played soccer, In the night I Watched the movie.

write a comment about your weekend

Unit 13 You can´t miss it

In this lesson we studied vocabulary related to the places and directions.

¿ Where is the drugstore?

The drugtore is on pomona avenue with Madison avenue across from the police office.

¿Where is the bank?

The bank is on urdaneta avenue with recidency st next to july´s restaurant.

¿ Where is july´s restaurant?

It´s on urdaneta avenue with main st, it´s next to the bank

¿Where is the bookstore?

The bookstore is on pomona avenue with maint st behind the grocery store.

My exposition

Hello, my name is Jose Manuel. Today I am going to speak to them on my abilities.
My ability is to play soccer I began from small seeing the games of the Italian league by TV and practicing with my father, I played by first you see in the school and of in ahead I have continued playing there because I like much to make sport and that is a phenomenal sport.
My favorite player is Lionel Messi player of the F.C. Barcelona.

Unit 11 Celebration

In this lesson we studied vocabulary related to the celebratios.
My favorite celebration is my birthday, it´s on March 29, I like because recived many gifts.
this i a composition Walid answer the cuestion about this composition.

His name is Walid Merhi. His favorite month of the year is March because his birthday, His favorite day of the week is Saturday because he can sleep more than the other days. His birthday is in March 20th, he was born march 1989 Venezuela. His favorite celebration is chinita`s day because he drink a lot in these days. His usually celebrate chinita`s day because his parents teach him that. He’s going to celebrate new business.

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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Unit 10 You can play baseball really well.

In this lesson we studied vocabulary related to sports seasons in the United States and Canada for example In the Winter (play hockey, basketball).
this i a composition Javier answer the cuestion about this composition
He´s name is Javier, he has seventeen years old, he´s like sports, he loves the soccer game, he plays the soccer and baseball but he don´t practice so much, he watch the soccer in Spain were is my favorite team, he watch the sports game in my free time, he plays sports with my friends and my brothers, he think that the sports are the best think to spend your free time, he´s favorite team is Real Madrid and he´s favorite player is Zidane, he can do the chilena and hit the ball with his head, he´s talent is athletic because so much exercises.

Unit 9 My presentation

In this lesson we going to know a little about me.

Hi, my name´s José Morales but everybody calls me manu. I´m from Maracaibo originally. I´m 17 years old and I study accounting at URBE. I live in Maracaibo, in Sabaneta.
I love playing soccer, music, playing PC, sleep, pizza,chocolate,hamburger, my family.
I hate vegetables, smoking, listening rock, violence.
My dream is travel around the word, I want to graduate from accounting and get married and start a family.
My opinion about english I listening music in english and wacth Tv in english.

and you? do you want to introduce yourself??

martes, 27 de marzo de 2007


This is my first blog¡¡¡ I´m going to post my work to the world